Lorenzo Paoli
The Habits Coach
Il Coaching per la tua Startup

The book takes a completely different approach from the usual entrepreneurial books on startups. Instead of giving instructions and ideas from millionaire entrepreneurs, it provides state-of-the-art models, strategies and techniques and lets the readers tailor them on their business idea by asking lots of Coaching questions. Every startup is a world on its own: a […]

Il Coaching per te

Coaching for you is a booklet packed with exercises, questions and models to help you grow. It touches upon the Coaching Model, Emotional Intelligence, the Inner Game, and many more topics, helping you reach your goals in life and at work. Il Coaching per te sold more than 7000 copies.

Le palle che ci raccontano sul mondo del lavoro

Bullshit we are told about work This book talks about 100 ineffective beliefs, ideas and views on work and gives some advice on how to take control of your career, in a company, or your future, as entrepreneur. 100 different strategies with powerful Coaching questions to act now.