Lorenzo Paoli
The Habits Coach
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Global Entrepreneurship Week – Tblisi, Georgia

Lorenzo Paoli was invited to the prestigious Global Entrepreneurship Week in Tblisi, to share with managers, entrepreneurs and academics the development of effective habits in entrepreneurship, to win in a very competitive and demanding business world.

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ICIE Conference – Kracow, Poland

Lorenzo Paoli was invited to the prestigious ICIE Conference in Krakow, held on 1st – 4th July 2015. Lorenzo shared with an audience from all over the world strategies to help students develop habits that make their minds open, curious and innovative. Click here to see the agenda with all Keynote Speakers participating in the event. […]

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Paper Art Festival – Sofia, Bulgaria

Paper Art Festival, 15th May 2015 – Sofia In a symposium devoted to the analysis of creative minds and innovation, Lorenzo Paoli was invited for a Keynote Speech on the development of effective habits to generate innovation in art and business.  

Communication Habits in a Multi-Cultural Business – AICE, 17th April 2015

  Keynote Speech during the Conference organised by AICE (Italian Foreign Trade Association) – 17th April  2015   During the conference Lorenzo Paoli shared with managers and entrepreneurs from all over the country effective communication habits when dealing with different cultures. The focus was effective communication in different countries and also in Team with people from […]

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SMAU – Leading Technology Fair – Bologna

The future of a company is not based on a single event, but rather on the habits that people, teams, divisions and the whole organization build every single day. A great advertisement campaign loses its effectiveness in an ineffective environment, and a failed product does not affect a company with excellent habits. At the leading […]

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Training the Next Generation of Leaders – Keynote Speech at ISCF – Riga – 2014

At the International Student Company Festival conference held in Riga on 9th April I shared with 100 leaders from 14 countries some of the essential skills to grow an entrepreneurial mind to launch new companies and innovative projects inside organizations. Some of the topics we shared: The difference between a fixed and a growth mindset […]