Lorenzo Paoli
The Habits Coach

I met Lorenzo Paoli during a Professional Coaching course. It was a fantastic experience I would surely repeat! I suggest it, as this course allowed me to learn new tools and awareness that are essential to work as a Coach and also to reach your goals in your personal life. Lorenzo is a great person, smart and professional. He trains and involves everyone in his courses, sharing his passions with them! Thanks to this course I made very important choices and changes in my life. If I had to give a score from 0 to 10 in terms of satisfaction for the course Lorenzo held, I would say: absolutely 10!!!! Thank you Lorenzo!!!

Rita Porro

I attended a workshop and have completed a Coaching program with Lorenzo. I really appreciated his professional approach and availability. He has been paramount in my personal growth.

Carlo Bartolomeo Novaro

I’ve done many things in life and i think I’ll do many more and I had great masters in all areas of my life. Lorenzo is one of them, my master in a Coaching Course I have just completed. His ability to teach a new methodology in a simple, effective way, his know-how, his creativity and joy were a great gift to me. The strongest message that stuck in my mind at the end of the course with Lorenzo is: if you want to change, do it, even though you feel afraid. Thank you Lorenzo, I have already gone down this path, I have already started to be the Coach of myself.


Angela Verardo

I met Lorenzo while attending a Professional Coaching course.  Lorenzo is a skilled, professional Coach able to share with me with simplicity and energy his passion for Coaching. Thanks to Lorenzo I learned to ask questions to myself to reach my goals and ask questions to my clients to help them reach their results. Lorenzo also taught me Coaching principles and tools for all areas of my life.

Thank you Lorenzo.



Andrea Lanesi

I had the pleasure to attend a Professional Coaching course with Lorenzo Paoli and I really enjoyed his extremely high level of competence, professional attitude, support and patience. One of the most important concepts I learned from his is that you learn to be a Coach!! His example was essential to understand such a deep principle. A Coach turns Coaching into his/her way of life, a principle one should apply with clients and all areas of our lives. Lorenzo also showed me the important of focused, aware listening thanks to which I can ask powerful questions stimulating the person to look for her personal resources.

Battina Accame

“I am a Marketing consultant and Coach. I have known Lorenzo for years and thanks to him I understood how to solve problems I am not familiari with! Often clients want so solve problems of such technical complexity that they can be solved only by experts in the field. However, in most of the cases, clients already have the solution, although they cannot access it because negative energies do not allow them to focus, victimizing them.
Lorenzo helped me understand how to work effectively in this type of situations Facilitation is the keyword.

Giuseppe Failla

Lorenzo helped me see alternatives to the obstacles I faced, both during my training programme where I had the pleasure to have him as my trainer, and after as a mentor coach. He is still supporting my today in my professional growth.

Claudio Casale

“North Star Consulting helps organizations around the world to communicate more effectively with their people. Lorenzo helped us with a complex and challenging client situation in Milan. His excellent facilitation skills in both English and Italian, together with his ability to use charm and authority in fast-changing situations, meant we were able to deliver a great result to our client.” Adrian Lenard

North Star – International Communication Project