Lorenzo Paoli
The Habits Coach
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The lost art of perseverance – What’s your 20th mile?

In this video I talk about one of the essential factors allowing us to reach the destination we are pursuing or the goal we want to achieve: perseverance.   We often hear this phrase: “a journey of a thousand miles starts with a small step”. True. But useless. It is reassuring, because it is telling […]

maestri del cambiamento ENG TITLE
Artists of change or victims of hyper-adaptation?

Knowing how to manage change is an important habit. But when we always change in line with the environment, we risk neglecting our goals and vision and living a life that isn’t ours.

cambiare crisi ENG TITLE
Change in turbulent times

  Changing is difficult. During a crisis or a difficult situation, changing becomes even more difficult. When we find ourselves in a moment of crisis, we become hyperactive trying to put off fires around us. Our Focus is on the problem and we risk to dwell in the crisis for too long, failing to find […]

resilienza ENG TITLE
Resilience – how to get back on your feet after a crisis

Resilience is one of the most valued and important skills of this millennium. Resilience – the ability to get back on track after a failure or a crisis, will help use build effective habits and be Leaders of our journey in the ups and downs of life.

convinzioni ENG TITLE
The power of beliefs

Beliefs are the foundation of mental habits that we created in our lives. The process of construction of beliefs exists because it is very useful: at least until our beliefs become obsolete or we set goals that require new beliefs. Being aware of our beliefs and the effects they have on our lives helps us […]

perfezionismo ENG TITLE
Habits of a perfectionist

Is being a perfectionist an advantage or a disadvantage? Usually, perfectionists want everything to be perfect, therefore they refuse reality and tend not to make steps in the directions that are partly unknown to them because they will make mistakes, since they do not have all the skills that will make them fully competent. Moreover, they think […]

mentalità fissa ENG TITLE
Fixed vs Growth Mentality

Carol Dweck is a leading expert on motivation and professor of Psychology at Stanford. In her book “Mindset“, she describes the researches she has made on the mindset of people. Her studies show that we all have two main mindsets: a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. people with fixed mindsets think that their intelligence […]

motivazione ENG TITLE
Motivation – mistakes and how to increase it

Motivation is one of the most important drivers to reach the goals we want… but it is also one of the most fragile. Motivating others is an art. We have always done it in the least effective way, with the classic method of the carrot and the stick, which, in creative works of today, does […]