CXL CRO minidegree – Copywriting and Voice of Customer

I have completed the module on Copywriting and Voice of Customer and pleasantly found no reference to the “20 most useful titles that will double your sales in one week”, which are typical of low-level copywriting advice. Yes, in the course there are also better and worse titles, but there is no definitive answer and, for sure, no get-rich-quick way of writing a sales page or a landing page.

I have learnt to talk about Voice of Customer during my Black Belt course in Lean Six Sigma, where the VOP – Voice of Process – is what you can deliver with your process right now and the VOC – Voice of Customer – is what the customer needs. Sometimes, you learn that the VOC is unreachable with your current VOP, or process, so you need to improve, to follow what the customer wants. The rationale is the same for the course: there are no right titles you can slap on the landing page and call it a day: you need to follow the VOC and often it is the customer that tells you exactly what she wants to hear from you.
Indeed, we have our own internal dialogue which is expressed out loud and which we recognize instantly. If you use different words, you are not so effective, because I need to decode the exact meaning of your expressions and sometimes my interpretations are different from yours.

So if I am an entrepreneur that is worried because he is “not getting enough clients online”, you, as a SEO or online marketing specialist, do not write on an Ad that I will get “a professional SEO service to boost your business”: Because I do not even know what SEO (Search Engine Optmization) is and, frankly, I don’t care and I have had enough of consultants promising me they can “boost my business”: I am sick and tired of it. So, what is the best title for a landing page offering marketing (or specifically SEO) services to an entrepreneur that, in her own words, she is worried that “she is not getting enough clients online”? Well, she has just told you, what don’t you ever listen?
The best title would be “We help you get lots of clients online” or “Can’t get enough clients online? You need a specialist in attracting customers on the web. You need an SEO specialist” or something like that.

Given this introduction, one would find it strange that it would take almost 5 hours and a half to complete this course on copywriting and the VOC, but it is indeed far for simple. First of all, we are not used to listening properly: we often change the words, as they do not reflect our own internal dialogue and, by doing so, we “lose” the attention of the customer, because her internal dialogue is looking for different words.
So, in this course you learn how to listen, and especially how to gather data, sentences, insights, collect them in documents that will be useful to then prepare your landing page. The process is practical and easy to follow, even though you can see that it requires some time: copywriting at a higher level, for sure.

User research is of course another in-depth subject of this course: how to find the Voice of Customer is an essential element of this process. You understand how to swipe copy from Amazon reviews, surveys, comments on social media and Buyer persona interviews.
You learn a structured approach on how to gather this data and put it in order on your page. You learn how customers express their pain points, the problems they want to solve, which form one of the main pillars of your copy, and the motivation they have to transform their life thanks to your product.
You also learn what the customers values – hence, how to express your Value Proposition the reason why customers have to choose you and not someone else, because your product has all they really need. And of course you need to find, and deal with, anxieties related to the purchasing process: the perception of risk in a purchase, the fact that they do not know you and do not fully trust you is analyzed in depth, with case studies and examples that make their application extremely clear.
There is a lot to cover in this course and one of the main values is the fact that you are provided with all documents used by copywriting professionals, with all data-gathering questions and tables.
You then also learn the basics of persuasive copy, but just as a final touch, important to drive the message home, once you have carefully learned what the customer really wants.

At the end of the course you do not have 1,000 easy-to-use methodologies, but one single process with all documents ready to be used in your copywriting work. More than that, you have the ability to transfer the Voice of the Customer on any landing page, sales page or website.
The course ends with a chapter on how to use wireframes and the importance of copy and layout together. Many copywriters deliver their work in word documents, and never talk to designers nor consider the effect their copy has on the page. If you are a copywriter, this final touch will give you another important skill to differentiate yourself from the competition. Moreover, company designers will love you, as they will work with you on an existing wireframe: this does not mean that they will agree on everything you say and propose, but at least they will have a professional that speaks their language and is able to work on the same software they use, to provide a very effective final service. If you wanted a competitive edge, you now have it.

The course is suggested also for small entrepreneurs and professionals that cannot afford a copywriter: this method requires a lot of work for someone that is not used to working with words, but once you understand the method and fill the documents provided with the course, you will have materials for dozens of landing pages and sales copy and, most important, you will have much more insights on what your customers really want.

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